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Lasso Systems Is A Firm of Technology Experts

Lasso Systems has its headquarters situated in Austin, Texas. Our offices are positioned in the scenic Arboretum area, where our entire team of 40 employees collaboratively works.

Upcoming/Start Up Businesses Still Need IT Support

Many small businesses come to Lasso, not wanting the expensive monthly retainer approach offered by established IT support firms.    What they need at this moment in their business lifecycle is an knowledgeable on demand solution.

So We Built An IT Support Service For You

We’ll ask for a smidgeon of proactive management commitment, so we know your business each time an employee needs help.  Our need to have great documentation is boring to explain, but means everything to us delivering a great experience. This will allow us to provide a quick, competent support when requested.

Customer Testimonials

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Very quick to respond and competent work. Glad we found Lasso!

Garrison Controls, Inc., Austin

Hey Lasso,

Big thanks for being on the ball! We needed someone who could hustle when our business was in a pinch, and you totally delivered. Appreciate the quick moves and solid support!

Guilding Cabinets, Round Rock

Lasso Can Support Businesses Nationwide

99% of your IT support requests can be handled remotely by our Austin based staff.   If there is a need to come on-site, we guide are “helping hands” partners in such an event.   From Seattle to Miami, we’ll have our “helping hands” on-site within 24 hours.